ADWEA is in every home and business in Abu Dhabi. Not just because we're behind the water and power in every building, but because we care. We work hard so our community can flourish.

We believe being responsible means:

  • Strengthening our reputation and long-term health
  • Achieving strong and sustained economic performance
  • Driving ethical compliance with health and legal regulations

Corporate social responsibilityAs an admired business leader and active community participant, we're aware that what we do affects more than just our organization. The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority creates jobs for the community. We ensure that businesses are as efficient as possible while remaining environmentally and efficiently responsible.
Financial ResponsibilityFor more than 10 years, we've invested in infrastructure, practices, processes and people-based on a fundamental premise: quality of life is dependent on having access to clean water and electricity. We deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective service while guaranteeing that capacity meets demand.
Health, safety and environment policiesResponsibility means setting health, safety and environmental policies and following them. It means establishing environmental and education initiatives to benefit our community. Most importantly, it means being a performance-based organization, striving for success.