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About National Energy and Water Research Center

The National Energy and Water Research Center (NEWRC) was established in 1998 along with ADWEA; to lead our efforts in securing water and energy sustainably and economically for years to come. NEWRC is a governmental funded research, development, and deployment (RD&D) center. NEWRC assists with full range of activities from research and development to technology demonstration, and is responsible for integrating the expertise and outlook of industry, academia and ADWEA.

Focusing on researchToday's changing world is rich with new technologies, evolving cultural needs and a keen interest in the environment. As a successful and performance-driven organization, ADWEA uses cutting-edge research as the foundation of everything we do.
Preparing for today and tomorrowToday, the average person in Abu Dhabi consumes 550L of water a day, according to the EAD. All of that water must be properly desalinated before it reaches your home, we make sure that happens. Tomorrow, one thing will remain constant: the people of Abu Dhabi will still need clean water and reliable power. The development of renewable energy and alternative techniques means ADWEA can offer more efficient and environmentally safe power for you, your business and your family - now and in the future.
Dedicated to sustainability and efficiencyWater and electricity are the backbone of progress. The infrastructure we've created ensures power and water are available at all times to your family and business. We're also working hard to deepen the conversation about conservation and sustainability. We're inviting your family and your business into the dialogue.
Expanding our breadth and depthBecause we value knowledge and transparency, ADWEA shares our methods and research with others. Sharing our expertise has earned us a position of leadership and influence not only in Abu Dhabi but also regionally and internationally, particularly in terms of power generation and sustainability. Our proven technical and cost-effective solutions help Abu Dhabi and other global companies help preserve the environment.

  • National Energy and Water Research Center

     Research and development is the cornerstone to meet Abu Dhabi's Vision
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  • Providing the foundation for the future

     Our strong and efficient power and water infrastructure is the foundation of Abu Dhabi's success.
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  • Collaborating with private sector partners

     We've proved our position as the first government-owned company in Abu Dhabi to successfully partner with a private company.
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  • Reaching the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision

     We're developing the technologies and leading the initiatives that are driving the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision to its success.
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  • Driving innovation with emerging technologies

     With breakthrough research at our fingertips, we ensure you have the power and water you need.
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  • Developing future leaders

     Investing in today's youth will build strong and well-educated leaders for tomorrow.
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  • Meeting future demand

     Our revolutionary energy initiative identifies where the buildings in Abu Dhabi could be more efficient and sustainable.
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  • Satisfying our customers every day

     Our dedication doesn't end at bringing you the water and power you need. We're also dedicated to delivering excellent customer service,
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