Encouraging our youth through scholarships

The ADWEA scholarship program encourages today's youth to pursue a degree in higher education. This means they'll be prepared and qualified to lead our country and the world in the future. We provide unique opportunities for successful students to continue their education so they can do just that.

Providing valuable opportunities

Our scholarships program was created in 2000 to help UAE National's strengthen their technical, communication and analytical skills through rigorous academic programs and hands-on job experience. In our first year, 60 secondary school students received scholarships to study at the Higher Colleges of Technology and the United Arab Emirates University. Today, more than 260 students have completed degrees in engineering; while over 1000 have been awarded scholarships to study at universities around the world.

The Scholarship program offers valuable opportunities to ADWEA Group Employees to continue their higher education. ADWEA understand the importance of investing in employees to create a balanced and well-rounded work environment; we offer tuition assistance for study both within the UAE and abroad.

ADWEA recognizes the need to encourage UAE National's in the pursuit of their postgraduate qualifications, particularly in technical disciplines and specialist fields. ADWEA Group, as an alternative to the study leave and scholarship programs, grants tuition assistance to qualified employees in order to allow them to continue their educational pursuits while they maintain their present employment status.

Since 2000, 41 employees have benefited from study abroad and 43 received tuition assistance as part of ADWEA's program.

With areas of study including but not limited to:

Engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical)

Information Technology

Business Management

Finance and Accounting


Public Relations

Human Resources

In Universities around the world including:

American University of Sharjah

University of Sharjah

UAE University

Zayed University

Abu Dhabi University

Sorbonne University

Higher College of Technology

American University of Beirut

University of Liverpool

University of Kassel

University of Colorado

Arizona State University

Georgia Institute of Technology