Outreach & education

As a performance-driven organization focused on the success of our community, the Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority creates programs and initiatives that encourage our youth to reach their full potential.

Driving performanceInvesting in the leaders of tomorrow guarantees that we'll have strong and well-educated people to lead Abu Dhabi toward the 2030 vision. It's not just about technical skills; leadership skills are what will bring Abu Dhabi to the forefront of global attention.
Continuing education with ADWEA AcademyADWEA Academy examines our corporate needs and determines if our current training programs provide the necessary training for our employees to excel. Once a specific need is identified, we offer classes and equip our employees with the skills they need. We train employees everything from electrical engineering and linguistics, to how to develop high-performance teams.
Giving back to the communityThe ADWEA Scholarships program gives students the opportunity to learn. We want Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority employees to be well-rounded individuals who are trained to meet any technical or management challenge. Today, more than 1000 students have been awarded ADWEA scholarships to study at universities around the world.