Our subsidiaries

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority's five subsidiaries generate, clean, buy, transmit and distribute water and electricity-stimulating growth throughout the Emirate. We are behind many of the daily pleasures you take part in, from growing plants to taking a bath and from cooking meals to washing dishes.

Together, the Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority companies are planning for the future, while ensuring social, economic and environmental balance.

Al Mirfa Power Company


Generates the power and cleans the water that meets our consumption needs

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company


Buys and sells the power and water and is also responsible for the analysis of consumption patterns

Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch


Transmits the water and power from ADWEC to the distribution companies

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company


Distributes water and electricity throughout Abu Dhabi so it can reach you

Al Ain Distribution Company


Distributes water and electricity throughout Al Ain so it can reach you